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The Story of Art Without Men


From the Gallery: It is sometimes assumed that throughout history, female artists either didn’t exist, their work was overlooked or were so rare as to be unimportant. But the truth is that all over the world, female artists have always been founding movements, innovating techniques and ways of seeing, and contributing greatly to the sum of human creativity. This brilliantly written revisionist history shines a light on the women artists whose work changed the course of art history itself.

Katy Hessel

How many women artists do you know? Who makes art history? Did women even work as artists before the twentieth century? And what is the Baroque anyway?

Have your sense of art history overturned, and your eyes opened to many art forms often overlooked or dismissed. From the Cornish coast to Manhattan, Nigeria to Japan, this is the story of art for our times – one with women at its heart, brought together for the first time by the creator of @thegreatwomenartists.

Publisher: Hutchinson Heinemann
Language: English
Hardcover: 520 pages
ISBN-10: 1529151147
ISBN-13: ‎978-1529151145

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